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Aaron McGruder

Aron McGruder
(born May 29, 1974) is an American Cartoonist best known for writing and drawing The Boondocks, a Universal Press Syndiacate Comic Strip about two young African-American brothers from inner-city Chicago now living their grandfather in a sedate suburb. Through the exptionally intelligant Huey (named after Huey P. Newton) and wannabe gangsta Riley, the strip explores issues involving African-American culture and American Polotics.

Life Edit

Aaron McGruder was born in Chicago,Illinois. When McGruder's father accepted a job his family moved to Columbia,Maryland at age six. He attended a Jesuit school from seventh to ninth grade. He then attended Oakland Hills Highschool. He graduated the University of Maryland in African-American Studies. The Boondocks debated at the newspaper The DiamondBack. He is the author of Five Boondocks Collections. He is co-author to the graphic novel, Birth of A Nation.


McGruder's strips have been a veritable lighting rod for critism since it's debate in 1999, with newspapers consighning it to editorial sections or suspending the strip altogether. One infamous comic strip following the 9/11 attacks involved calling the FBI to report Ronald Reagan on promoting Terrorism. Another controversy for McGruder came when he offended Fidel Castro. Another controversy is when he said that Obama wasn't black.