Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman
Vital statistics
Title Riley Freeman
Gender male
Race Human
Status Alive
Location Woodcrest, Illinois

Riley is the deuteragonist of the boondocks. he is the brother of Huey Freeman and grandson of Robert Freeman. He wants to be a part of Thugnificent's gang, so as to further his goal and become a famous rapper. Riley is shown to be best friends to Gin Rummy and Ed Wuncler III. He and his brother are both voiced by Regina King.

Personality Edit

Riley is a trouble maker and is willing do anything to get his own way. He has a rocky relationship with both with his brother and grandfather. It is unknown what relationship he had with his own parents as they are never mentioned.

Token RepresentationEdit

Riley has been depicted as the ignorant, wanna-be gangster rapper. Taken in by highly unorthodox dreams, he seems to have a warped view on reality.

The Freeman Family
Robert - Huey - Riley