Plot Edit

Woodcrest is the name of the fictional suburban town and setting in the comics strip and animated series The Boondocks. Woodcrest as stated in the original comic version is situated in the state of Maryland, specifically a suburb of Baltimore. However, the television show is based in Woodcrest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Woodcrest by name sake is possibly based on Woodlawn, Maryland, a real life suburb of Baltimore, or Crestwood, Illinois a real life suburb of Chicago. The town of Woodlawn itself is mostly White with a small ratio of other races living there.In the beginning Huey and Riley (though mostly Huey) despised their new surroundings provided by Robert,their grandfather,with his idea of "the new white man." Later in the series Woodcrest apparently began to welcome more races to live in it's vicinity,i,e Thugnificent. In the comics Woodcrest is explicitly stated to be in Maryland. In the episode Wingmen, Woodcrest appears to be a significant distance away from Chicago as the Freeman's traveled there by commercial airways. In the episodes Granddad's Fight and Smokin' With Cigarettes the town appears to be within the vicinity of Chicago as the city's skyline could be seen. The show never directly states where the setting takes place.

Population Edit

The population of Woodcrest is about 5,400 to 6,000 people. Woodcrest is known to have sudden increases in population as stated by either Robert Freeman and Huey Freeman. Many of the comics/series characters live in Woodcrest.This includes the Freeman's, Ed Wuncler and his grandson Ed Wuncler Jr.,The Dubois', Gin Rummy, Ed Wuncler Jr.'s war buddy, Thugnificent and his crew, and the self hating black man (Oh! excuse me, ReVitilago-suffering WHITE MAN) Uncle Ruckus.

Crime Edit

Woodcrest has a high crime rate as thugs raid the area where The Freemans live ever since Thugnificent moved in across the street on Timid Deer Lane. Ed Wuncler III is a robber along with his best friend Gin Rummy. He can do anything he wants because his grandfather unofficially owns the town as he is chief of the local police. The police have been known to not care about the black residents of Woodcrest as Ed Wuncler I was a rascist.

Ethnicity Edit

Woodcrest is mostly white, but in recent years the black population has been getting higher. About 5% of the Woodcrest population is latino, which are usually mixed races. Latin-Americans are almost always seen with dead end jobs where they can get more work.